TIMELINE: (Satanic) Paedo’s and Cover-Ups Everywhere #pizzagate #pgww


https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1509400 Last Update 28-12-2016

This list is created to show the magnitude and presence of (un)related (satanistic) child abuse cases and their possible cover up’s around the world. I will update this list, please revise and contribute.

One of the most important excisting lists of these things is provided by Lori Handrahanhttps://responsiblebusiness.co/daniel-rosen-s-arrest-1f7befb1762c#.g1wgmh8yr . This article offers an extensive insight in political elites involved and/or convicted of child abuse. I might include all of these examples, but not now :-p

The format
  • Period – Timeframe of case
  • Name / Case
  • Location – World, Continent, Country, City
  • Title of MSM article MSM (Main Stream Media) for obvious reason that people trust these
  • ARCHV – Archive of MSM article
  • VID – video, either documentary or news article
  • ALT – alternative – well sourced non-MSM article
  • VOAT – Link to VOAT thread about case which provides further info and show links to PG

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